A seaside town with a long pebble beach that has been awarded the Blue Flag. Much of it is organized, with many beach bars and tavernas. The long coastline also features some quieter spots. © solerab – Copyright ©…


Α graphic town, rich in history. Its name originates from the words ‘kales’(good) ‘vrises’(taps) and dates from the time of Frank occupation. Kalavrita is connected with the Byzantine Empire since it was commanded by the Palaiologon family. It’s a town that is linked to the revolutions and the uprisings of 1770 and of 1821 (led […]

Ancient Epidaurus Theater

Epidaurus is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece. Located on the north eastern side of Peloponnese, in the region of Argolis, Epidaurus Greece is mostly famous for its Ancient Theatre. This theatre was constructed in the late 4th century BC to host religious ceremonial events in honor of god Asclepius, whose healing […]


The starting point of Vouraikos river gorge is located 2km from Diakofto and continues for 20km up to Kalavryta. Next to it passes the railway Kalavryta-Diakofto. Its narrowest point is located few km before Zachlorou (as you go up) and is called “Portes”. The tunnels, the natural beauty of Voraikos gorge, its waterfalls, the caves […]

Castle of Acrocorinth

Atop the steep cliff of Akrocorinthos stands the Acropolis, the ancient fortress of Korinthos with the ancient settlement stretching down to its foothills. It is surrounded by stone walls that follow the line of the rock, built in three successive layers of fortifications. A paved path leads to the three gates of the castle. The […]

Ancient Mycenae

The charming and peaceful land of Argolida holds, within the bowels of its earth, one of the most important civilisations ever to see the light of day: the Mycenaean civilisation. It is difficult today to imagine the excitement of Schliemann and Dörpfeld, who with Homer as their guide, revealed one of the greatest cradles of […]

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Korinthos was one of the most important city-states of ancient Greece. Today in the archaeological site, one can visit the Temple of Apollo; its seven remaining Doric columns stand in a prominent position overlooking the ancient Agora. The temple was built in 530 BC, consisting of 2 rooms, and originally had 15 Doric-order columns […]