Chef / Cooking Lessons

If you want to know more about the famous traditional Greek diet that promises longevity and good health you can have our local chefs give you Greek cooking classes using local only ingredients during your stay. You can trust our local chefs to take you on a culinary journey in your own villa kitchen, and teach you how to prepare mouthwatering recipes from fresh ingredients, superfoods and olive oil.
For those wishing to celebrate just a one-off memorable night, we offer fully catered theme dinners within the intimacy of your own home. You can sit back and enjoy a fantastic meal prepared and served in the privacy of your own villa, by our talented chefs and assistants.

Cost: 30 €/person plus the cost of groceries

Yoga – Pilates

Imagine starting your day practicing yoga on the terrace of your private villa overviewing the azure blue sea. Later in the afternoon, you can enjoy another yoga session on the beach while the sun sets reflecting magnificent colors in the sea.

Cost: 40 €/hr

Massage – Reflexology

An invigorating massage session is the ideal way to start or conclude an exciting day in. Make your reservation at least a day in advance and a highly skilled therapist will spoil you with some well-deserved 60 to 90 minute head-to-toe pampering in the privacy of your place. So, lay back and unwind as you enjoy the almost palpable bliss of a hospitality scenario written exclusively for you.

Cost: 40 €/hr

Private Tours (Picked Up From The Villa)

Beyond the aesthetic pleasure that Peloponnese’s terrain provide to thousands of guests annually, there is a rich culture that dates back to ancient time. Discover the beauty of the ancient areas such as Ancient Corinth, Mycenae etc with an experienced personal tour guide that will take you to a journey through time and explain everything about ancient civilization.

Cost: from 60 €/person depending on the tour

Airport / Port Transfers

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just come and pick you up and drive you right to the front gate of that lovely holiday villa? Not a problem. At Melissi Villas we have formed a special partnership with local taxi companies to get you where you want to go with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of speed. Simply sent us the required information: what sort of transport you require, where you are going and when, to receive a competitive quote. A private taxi, minibus, coach, wheelchair-friendly transport – even a luxury limo: whatever you want, we can make it happen.

Cost: from 250 € / villa

Car Hire

After you have enjoyed a couple of lazy days at your rental villa, it’s time to get active again, discover some of Peloponnese’s beauty spots and take the kids to the most gorgeous beaches in the area. Click here to rent your car and make sure you get the latest model with enough space and all comforts so that your family trips will be pure pleasure.

Cost: from 50 €/day depending on type of car

Sailing / Daily Cruises

Peloponnese’s dramatic coast has a wow factor you really should not miss. Enjoy this outstanding sight from the sea. We know that a day at sea will be one of the highlights of your holidays. We can book a boat for you, your family and friends. There are many pretty coves and beaches in the Corinthian Gulf that can only be accessed by sea and you will be amazed at how many caves that dot the island’s coast. Go fishing, relax on your boat or just enjoy the wind on your hair.

Cost: 420 € / 6 persons

Wine Tasting

During your stay at Melissi Villas you can have the opportunity to enjoy different wine labels from the area at the comfort of your holiday home.Our local Enologist will show you, in the most comprehensive way, the magical world of Peloponnese’s wine presenting a seminar covering all areas of interest such as the varieties of grapes, vineyards and the production process of wine.During the wine tasting, a presentation and a food matching of local products will take place.

Cost: from 22 €/person (up to 4 wines) – 46 €/person (up to 12 wines)

Wine Tours (Nemea)

In a tour around Nemea’s wineries and vineyards, learn about grape varieties, traditional winemaking techniques as well as the unique qualities of the area which offer the wine a distinctive aroma and flavor.

Cost: from 60 €/person

Villa Pre-Stocking

We offer you the opportunity to let us pre-stock your holiday villa with best quality, fresh local products. Just let us have your shopping list and we will make sure that you can enjoy a refreshing snack or a full meal with your kids upon arrival.

Cost: 30 € service fee plus the cost of groceries

Maid Service / Waiters

Cost: 25 €/hr

Bike Rental / Bike Tours

What about going to the beach by bike? The diverse area’s terrains offer wonderful opportunities for cycling tours, long or short ones.

Cost and extra information