Α graphic town, rich in history. Its name originates from the words ‘kales’(good) ‘vrises’(taps) and dates from the time of Frank occupation. Kalavrita is connected with the Byzantine Empire since it was commanded by the Palaiologon family. It’s a town that is linked to the revolutions and the uprisings of 1770 and of 1821 (led by Germanos of Patras). Kalavrita was bombed by Turkish troops and yet despite all this, the period of the town’s history that is blood written is the time of WWII with the massacre and burning of the town by the German occupators. Today, Kalavrita is considered one of the most cosmopolitan towns of Achaea. The main attraction for those visiting Kalavrita is the ski center located at Chelmos, at the foot of which the town of Kalavrita is built.

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