Castle of Acrocorinth

Atop the steep cliff of Akrocorinthos stands the Acropolis, the ancient fortress of Korinthos with the ancient settlement stretching down to its foothills. It is surrounded by stone walls that follow the line of the rock, built in three successive layers of fortifications. A paved path leads to the three gates of the castle. The first gate is arched, with a Byzantine marble slab; the second is a two-storey castellated gate. An exterior staircase leads to a subterranean vaulted space. The third gate has a horseshoe-shaped arch and two towers to the right and left. Inside the castle there are several ruins of buildings, including temples, fountains, pools with pillars brick arches, the fountain of Upper Peirene, the temple of Aphrodite at the highest point of the Acrokorinthos and a two-storey tower serving as a lookout, with windows and loopholes, and the lower floor functioning as a reservoir. From the top of Acrokorinthos, the view extends to the mountains Kithaironas (across the gulf in Central Greece), Ziria and Panachaiko, of course the Korinthiakos and the Saronic Gulf. Opening hours: Daily 8:00-19:00

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