Zarouchla is a village that belongs to the municipality of Akrata, 35Klm away from the village Akrata and at an altitude of 1050-1200m. The landscape is wildly beautiful as every other location in such an altitude. Situated on the slopes of mountain Helmos, many of the inhabitants were forced to abandon the place in the past because of the mountainous ground. The springs are spurting cold fresh water and the landscape is full of nut trees, cherry and apple trees. You can visit the temple of Taxiarhes, the churches of Panagia and Agia Triada. Also, you can visit the towers Fotila and Haralambi. You can take excursions to the villages around, the lake Tsi-vlu, or visit the skiing-center in Kalavrita which is not far away but the road is tricky. Just 1Klm away from the village the Zarouchla forest has its borders, which is the biggest in Achaia, known of its beauty and a very important place for the ecosystem. The trees we find here are mainly rare black pine trees, fir and chestnut trees.The forest is spreading from Seliana reaches up to Saint- Barbara. You will find three hotels and a guest house in Zarouchla, café-bars, tavernas and stores.

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