The Nemea region has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It was of great religious significance for ancient Greece, and owes its name to a nymph called Nemea, daughter of the River God Asopos. Here stood the ancient cities of Nemea and Fliasia, with their holy places, and the large stadium which hosted the Nemian games, sports games comparable to those of Olympia, Isthmia and Pythia. Large sections of the district are covered with vineyards, watered by the river Asopos, annually producing the ‘Agiorgitiko’ varietal wine. It’s one of the most famous wines in Greece, with a deep red color and rich aromas definitely worth a try during your visit, and perhaps also to take home with you. Every year a wine festival takes place, where visitors have the opportunity to visit the local wineries and taste the different varieties. – Copyright ©

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