Lake Tsivlou

It is perhaps one of the most beautiful landscapes of mountainous Achaia, the alpine Lake of Tsivlou which with its unexpected presence, rivals and almost surpasses in beauty the famous pine forest surrounding the Zarouchla village.

Lake Tsivlou, at an altitude of 800 meters is one of the few that exist in the mountainous Peloponnisos. One reason for all this beauty was a mistake of nature, a landslide in 1912 that caused the bloking of ancient river Krathis that is still running beside the lake. The scenery appeals to you the first time that you face it. The lake extents over 200 acres and at the bottom are still the ruins of the houses of the old village.
There are many who find the shore of the lake ideal for picnic and leisure. The less romantic can be served at the nearby restaurant. During summer you may find people swimming since there are few who feel entitled to experience a swim overlooking the heart of the mountain.
Perfect time for Tsivlou lake is the time the sun lowers. During the winter months, visitors stroll or ride a bike or car on the roads and paths around it.

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