Lake Doxa

It is a man-made lake, situated at the border of the Municipality of Feneos. After the village Kastania, you will find yourself in the valley of Feneos. After encountering the villages of Mosia and Mesinon, at the road sign for “Ancient Feneos” you will make a right, and after a few hundred meters you will find yourself in front of the lake. The lake is surrounded by the mountains Zireia, Helmos (Aroania) and Dourdouvana. When snow covers the peaks of the mountains, their reflection in the lake’s surface creates a unique spectacle reminiscent of an alpine landscape. The lake is located at an altitude of 880 m and was built about 15 years ago. Created to address the problem of high tide, which since ancient times would raise the level of water in the region and destroy the crops. According to legend, at the water’s elevating point one can find the gate to Hades. Due to the high tide, the monastery of Agios Georgios was moved in the 17th century and in its place today is the church of Agios Fanourios, literally floating in the lake. You can go cycling and hiking around the lake and in the pine and fir forest that surrounds it. You may see water bikes or guided diving teams who dive to admire the ruins of the old iconostasis of the monastery. – Copyright ©

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